We have a whole bunch of college advisors at Magnolia Public High School who have developed a 4-year plan for the students to polish them and convert them into individuals who can make huge career progress. We are not just concerned with educating the students, but we are concerned with developing their character and make them socially responsible human beings. Our counselors work with the parents of the students and give them one on one attention for choosing the most appropriate career path.

We also provide our students with scholarships, internship opportunities, and other interesting programs that actually encourages them to become talented and successful individuals with a clear set of goals to achieve. Our focus is to create an engaging learning environment that does not strive the students away from getting education itself. That’s why our dropout rates are almost 0.

We also encourage home based learning through strong student teacher relationship. Our teachers don’t hesitate in offering homeschooling to the students once in a while. That’s an interactive and more useful way of learning and making productive students. 

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