Parents are an important part of the Magnolia Public High School educational program too. Special workshops are designed for parents on a monthly basis. We feature parent volunteering programs too so that parents learn about their role in the grooming and education of their children.

Our curriculum is available for both high and low achieving students and we work on creating personalized learning opportunities for the students. Connection is an integral part of our academic plan and we believe that school communities should be integrated with students and their families too. It is that of kind of community which prospers and cultivates identities that turn out to be a sense of pride for all.

We believe that parents have the right to learn what’s going on in the academic life of their child and through parent involvement that gap is fulfilled. Even parents are encouraged to join the training programs for understanding educational philosophy and the technique of developing personalized learning. Teaching resources are widely available for the parents to contribute to the success of their child. 

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