Charter Schools vs Regular Public Schools

Charter schools – a term you have heard so many times before but probably didn't even know what is it or how are they different from regular schools. Charter schools are basically public schools that stand for more freedom and innovation, that is aimed to advance students' achievements. Since they are public, they do not charge tuition, they are open to all children equally and have no special requirements to get accepted. Charter schools were originally created in early 90's to help improve public schools system, and offer a good alternative for parents whose children needed to close the achievement gap and had special needs. As a result, thanks to Charter Schools' innovative, individual and creative approach, more students were subsequently accepted to colleges and universities.

While for the past century, we know the education system as a sort of a “meat mincer”, where we basically pool all different kids together and by the end of their journey at school we expect to see everyone equally educated. However, as we all know, this approach cannot work with everyone because at the end of the day – we are all different, and working with children's strengths is often far more effective than subduing their weaknesses. Unlike the traditional public education system, Charter Schools create more room for parents to be involved in the educational system tailored specifically for the needs of their children.

Don't be mislead by the idea that Charter Schools are public schools, a term which for many of us may be associated with low standards. In fact, the opposite is true, because studies have shown, that Charter Schools in general are some of the top-performing educational systems in our country, mainly because they work around children's skills and abilities, rather than allowing their weaknesses to create an achievement gap (which we see in regular public schools all the time).

In conclusion, considering a Charter School for your child may be the ultimate choice, if you wish to be involved in their learning and prevent them from falling behind under pressure of standard education system. At Magnolia Public High School we offer 11 campuses throughout California including Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Diego, and Santa Clara. You can visit our site at

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