About Us

Magnolia Public High School has been on the front lines for starting the education reform movement. Our organization is tuition-free school meant for the underprivileged students who cannot afford to enjoy quality education. Unlike other public schools, we have a high level of accountability. 

We are committed to offer a higher level of scrutiny. We have transparently defined standards for academic excellence, personal growth and social development. We consider it our responsibility to provide students with premium education that prepare the talented class for the future.

Our History

Magnolia Public High School was started by a non-profit organization i.e. the Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation. The foundation has the tax exemption status of (501(c) (3)) by the IRS and the State of California. We are dedicated to inspiring the students for choosing the best career in Science, Math, Technology, Art and Engineering. We have a robust educational program that supports the culture of excellence. We have a utilized our connection with the major research universities across Southern California to provide the most advanced education to our students.

Our Mission

Magnolia Public High School believes in creating and operating high quality schools with

  • Unwavering dedication to the student success
  • Stay committed to the ethical sound and efficient business practices 

Our Vision

Our vision revolves around creating scientific thinkers. We want to empower students through collaborative learning, parent engagement and innate curiosity and develop a personalized learning program.

Our values

Our core values include passion, integrity, purpose and grit. 

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